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5 Benefits of Beach Volleyball for Indoor Players

1. Improve weaknesses
Beach volleyball players have to pass, set, dig, serve and attack.  Playing beach volleyball will help you become a well-rounded player

2. Improve Ball Control
Playing outside on the sand, in the sun and with the wind will force you to become a more adaptable player, more relaxed in chaotic plays.

3. Improve Volleyball IQ
With only 2 players on the court, it's up to you to read the game and anticipate plays better.

4. Improve Your Speed & Agility
Playing volleyball on sand is similar to adding a weight vest while you play.  The sand creates an unstable surface forcing your body to adapt with increased strength over time.

5. Improved Communication
Playing with only one other person forces you to communicate each and every play.  Beach athletes learn to strategize and create game plans together.

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