Youth Training


Youth Training

Learn from the professionals.

Elevate your volleyball skills with Las Vegas Beach Volleyball Club’s group training and private lessons, expertly led by former pro and Florida State coach Traci Callahan. Our dynamic sessions focus on technique, strategy, and teamwork. Whether you’re a beginner looking to grasp the fundamentals or a seasoned player aiming for elite performance, Traci’s personalized coaching will help you achieve your goals. Dive into the world of beach volleyball excellence in Las Vegas with us today!


Junior Beach Volleyball TRAINING

2024 Spring Schedule (ends May 28th)
*Junior High and High School Players only

Spring Schedule

  • Tuesday 4-6pm at Sunset Park
  • Saturday 8-10am at Sunset Park (please register online before attending classes)
  • Boy’s and Girl’s are welcome to participate!

Summer Schedule (June 3rd- August 30th)

  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday 7-9am at Sunset Park (please register online before attending classes)
  • Open to Junior High & High School athletes
  • Boys & Girls are welcome to participate.


Beginner Beach Volleyball TRAINING

  • Small group lessons for boys and girls ages 8-12 years old
  • No previous volleyball experience is required
  • Saturday 10-11:30am at Sunset Park (please register online before attending classes)

To see all upcoming events, please visit our Calendar page.


5 Benefits of Beach Volleyball for Indoor Players

1. Improve weaknesses
Beach volleyball players have to pass, set, dig, serve and attack.  Playing beach volleyball will help you become a well-rounded player

2. Improve Ball Control
Playing outside on the sand, in the sun and with the wind will force you to become a more adaptable player, more relaxed in chaotic plays.

3. Improve Volleyball IQ
With only 2 players on the court, it's up to you to read the game and anticipate plays better.

4. Improve Your Speed & Agility
Playing volleyball on sand is similar to adding a weight vest while you play.  The sand creates an unstable surface forcing your body to adapt with increased strength over time.

5. Improved Communication
Playing with only one other person forces you to communicate each and every play.  Beach athletes learn to strategize and create game plans together.

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